Basescu: I am ready to resign only together with the 588 MPs.

USL leaders want to merge the presidential ballot with the European elections, while Traian Basescu wants Referendum for the new Constitution to be merged with the election of the next head of state..

The president reacted last night from Cotroceni to the statements made by Victor Ponta, Crin Antonescu and Valeriu Zgonea following their meeting Tuesday, saying that he agrees to curtail his term only if the Parliament resigns together with him and new general and presidential elections are held concurrently in the framework of a new Constitution.Basescu stressed that the purpose of the meeting was the Schengen accession and the next MCV report, expected by the end of the month. “I want you to know what really happened at the meeting”, he said. Asked what is his opinion regarding USL’s proposition to curtail his term in office, as to merge the presidential and European elections, Basescu said that he would be willing to resign only together with the 588 MPs.« (…) I have offered to curtail my term not by a few months but by two years (…) So it is not an option I reject, but there are a few elements that should be met first”, he said.“What we can do is to merge the elections for President and Parliament and to call general and presidential elections based on a new Constitution”, he said. Basescu pointed out that he would agree the lifting of the 50 plus one quorum for the referendum to be validated as to step up the elections procedures. He also called for the introduction of the vote by correspondence as to give to the possibility to the 3 million Romanians abroad to vote. Basescu also said that he doubts that the Constitutional Court would give the green light to USL’s proposal.  The president said that PM Ponta didn’t break the pact they signed at Cotroceni in December as he didn’t make public the matters discussed Tuesday night.Traian Basescu said that he raised during the meeting a few pending issues related to the MCV report, such as the lifting of the immunity for several MPs, the appointment of the chief prosecutors and the delay of the coming into force of the new Civil Code.

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