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October 25, 2021

Car tax hiked some 10 pc for Euro 4 and Euro 3

The government finalised the legislation of the new car tax, enforced under the form of an environment stamp, with a different formula of calculation, which increases by approximately 10 pc the sum to be paid for Euro 4 and Euro 3 vehicles and decreases by 60-90 pc the sums for Euro 2, Euro 1 and non-euro cars, Mediafax reports. The tax for non-euro, Euro 1 and Euro 2 vehicles that incorporate older technology will be smaller than now, because these cars will be in use for few years, so they will pollute for a shorter time. The tax will remain the same for Euro 5 cars, while the owners of Euro 6 automobiles – hybrid and electric – will pay no tax. The tax for a Dacia Duster Euro 5 with an engine of 1,461 cubic cm, made in 2012, will decrease from EUR 164 to EUR 119, while for a Volkswagen Golf of 1,390 cubic cm Euro 4 manufactured between 2001 and 2003 the tax will increase from EUR 147 to EUR 264. On the other hand, the Ministry of Environment also wants to operate changes in the ‘Clunkers Scheme’ that will include increasing the scrapping bonus from RON 3,800 to EUR 1,500 and granting the discount against only one voucher, as well as eliminating the intermediaries, Environment minister Rovana Plumb said yesterday. The ‘Clunkers Scheme’ 2013 might begin in March and could envisage non-euro, Euro 1 and Euro 2 cars. Rovana Plumb added that there are talks about grating the discount for the purchase of an automobile for just one voucher. Currently, through the scheme, a customer may buy a new car and enjoy a bigger discount if he brings maximum three vouchers, because they may be freely traded on the market.

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