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May 18, 2021

Photography Exhibit on Discrimination at MTR

The Artan Korenica Photography Exhibition “Don’t Look Down on Me” can be visited tomorrow thru Feb 1 at the Aquarium Hall of the Romanian Peasant Museum.

Artan Korenica’s “Don’t Look Down on Me”, photography exhibition will open tomorrow, 6.00 pm at the Aquarium Hall of the Romanian Peasant Museum in Bucharest, according to MTR press release. Artan Korenica began work at the “Don’t Look Down on Me” project a few years ago. In Dec 2011, the project got the support from the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society, with a contribution from the Arts and Culturr Program, Budapesta.During the nearly 12 months during which he took pictures from the Roma, Ashkali and Balkan Egyptians communities in Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro,  he captured all the stories he set to tell by means of those photographs. The portrays belong to people of different ages from all social and economic strata. The album contains photos from the exhibit, portraits and  documentary photographs depicting  the life of those photographed. “«You must thank God every day that your skin is white, » my friend told me once. When I asked him why, he answered that I should be thankful for the simple things I do everybody without giving it a thought, while he has to struggle for the mere reason that he has a dark skin. I can’t work where I want, I can’t live anywhere I wish, I can’t eat wherever I want, I can’t stay in the classroom wherever I want, and that only because I’m ‘black’. Given the work split between New York and Kosovo, I though I could do something in this respect. My work could do something on a small scale and yet, for one person at least, I will change the prejudice surrounding the dark-skinned people. Gradually, someday, we might understand that that we are all equal. It is important to me to show all those people working, eating, studying and playing, making use of their portraits and eyes to show what they would tell you, who you see them different  from you. Their belonging to the Roma, Ashkali or Balkan Egyptians communities does not make less important than you are,” the photographer says.Artan Korenica was born in Gjakova, Kosovo, in 1978. He started out working as a school event photographer. After he moved to Pristina, in 2000 he became a cinematographer, shooting films and video clips. Artan Korenica usually takes pictures focusing on a certain topic and prefers the feature photography that tells a story. His photography and film projects have a humanitarian purpose as well.

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