Basescu: The proposals of CSM must be accepted “without reserve”

PM Ponta describes Basescu’s proposal on the CSM selecting the prosecutors as interesting, “but the law is different,” while the Minister of Justice said that the procedures for appointing the chief of the DNA will be made more transparent.

Aboard the plane taking him to Chile, where he is was attending the CELAC-EU Summit, President Traian Basescu said Friday that he proposes, as a solution to unblock the impasse in nominating the general prosecutor and the chief of the DNA, the nomination of these persons by the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) and the accepting “without reserve” of the resulting persons by the Ministry of Justice (MJ) and the Presidency. “Given that CSM monitors their activity, the solution for us is to trust the CSM and pledge that we will respect the recommendations,” Basescu said, insisting upon the neutrality of the CSM that will eliminate all suspicion about political biasing or lack of transparency of the selection procedure.He explained that he figured this solution after the meeting he had Tuesday evening with Premier Victor Ponta and the speakers of the two Houses of the Parliament, Crin Antonescu and Valeriu Zgonea, when he came with the idea that the two chief prosecutors are selected by a 6-member commission comprising two representatives designated by each of the involved institutions – CSM, MJ and Presidency – a proposal that was not accepted by the three interlocutors. According to Basescu, once the solution of making CSM responsible for the selection of the general prosecutor and DNA chief is accepted, the same model might be expanded to the nomination of their respective deputies and of the chiefs of prosecutor’s offices. The president added that accepting this solution would also allow a remediation of how the MCV report, which the European Commission will unveil next week, will reflect the nomination of the two chief prosecutors.Both PM Victor Ponta and Senate Speaker Crin Antonescu rejected the president’s proposal. The former explained Friday evening, on B1TV, that the proposal made by President Traian Basescu on selecting the general prosecutor and the chief of the DNA by the CSM is interesting, but infringes the acting law which provides that both officials must be proposed by the Ministry of Justice, with the acceptance of the CSM. “Haven’t we agreed that prosecutors must be independent and transparent?” Ponta asked. In his turn, PNL president Crin Antonescu said Saturday evening that the Liberals cannot accept the president’s proposals on nominating the chief prosecutors, adding that he rejects any idea of political negotiation over these offices. Minister of Justice Mona Pivniceru, too, referred to the proposal made by President Basescu, saying that the procedures of selecting the DNA chief and general prosecutor will be changed and rendered more transparent. However, the president’s reactions on this subject cannot be called “chicanery,” she added.

Ponta: The new Civil Procedure Code will be enforced in February

The new Civil Procedure Code will start being enforced on February 1, after the Senate approves the respective draft law today, as the procedure was agreed during the latest meeting with President Traian Basescu and the speakers of the two Houses of the Parliament, PM Victor Ponta announced Friday on B1TV.He added that asking the almost 600 MPs to resign in order to make President Basescu do the same, so presidential elections can be merged with those for the European Parliament would only result in 100-150 legislators submitting their resignations and could even generate a new motion of no-confidence against the government. Ponta said that he will propose that the new Constitution clearly stipulates that Romania is represented in the European Council by the prime minister; he told his intention to President Traian Basescu, who answered that “you may do whatever you like after I go.”

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