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January 28, 2022

EC to publish MCV report without sending it to Bucharest

The European Commission (EC) will, for the first time, no longer send the final draft of the Mechanism of Control and Verification (MCV) report to Bucharest for possible adjustments prior to its release, the reason being that in previous years the report was leaked to the press prior to being officially released by Brussels, RFI informs. According to the RFI correspondent in the capital of Belgium, officials in Brussels were angered by the leaks so that they decided to directly publish the report. The MCV report will be published on January 30. On previous occasions the Romanian authorities received the draft several days prior to the release of the report, in order to be able to modify some aspects, the modifications concerning the phrasing of the report, not its essence, RFI points out. However, the reports received from Brussels were leaked to the press before the changes were made.

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