Humorist, scenarist and director Dan Mihaescu has passed away

The man who wrote memorable sketches for actor Toma Caragiu and actress Tamara Buciuceanu-Botez died Thursday evening at the age of 79.

Well-known humorist, scenarist and director Dan Mihaescu, author of some memorable sketches and for such great comedy actors as Toma Caragiu and Dem Radulescu, died on Thursday evening. According to, Dan Mihaescu died of cancer.Born on June 5, 1933, humorist was best known as an author of television comedy sketches performed by some of Romania’s finest comedy actors.He was also a director and scenarist.He continued to work for the public television into the 1990s, contributing to numerous entertainment programs.  Starting with Toma Caragiu, of whom he was a friend, and the famous “Fable” whose meaning resonates has been resonating to this day, almost all of the great Romanian comedy actors and actresses played in sketches written by Dan Mihaescu.Dan Mihaescu was lying in state at the Romanian Television headquarters on Saturday and Sunday, which enabled his TVR workmates to pay him their last respects.According to a release conveyed to Mediafax, Dan Mihaiescu will be incinerated Monday.

Artistic community bemoans Mihaescu’s death

All of great Romanian actors and other artistic personalities as well expressed their regret over the death of Dan Mihaiescu. Actor Alexandru Arsinel said that Dan Mihaescu was a prolific writer, instrumental to the emergence of some of Romania’s greatest actors, and had always been part of the Romanian entertainment community.Actress Rodica Popescu-Bitanescu said it was scenarist Dan Mihaescu who launched her career and from whom she received advice about how dramaturgy is written.In her turn, actress Stela Popescu called Dan Mihaescu’s death as a “tragedy” for artists, given he was “one of the last people to write something meaningful”.Actor Mircea Diaconu said that the death of scenarist Dan Mihaescu marks the vanishing of revue authors, of a caste of artists with good taste and quality humor.   For her part, singer and actress Margareta Paslaru said that scenarist Dan Mihaescu “will remain in the golden archive of television” for his refined style and humor.

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