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December 7, 2022

Stroe: Environment stamp is like an equation impossible to solve

It is impossible that everybody is satisfied with the environment stamp, it is not a purely technical tax, but one with several aspects, said Dacia Vice President and head of the Association of Automobile Manufacturers of Romania (ACAROM) Constantin Stroe at the debate organised by the Ministry of Environment on the topic of the environment stamp, HotNews.ro notes. ‘You are facing an impossible equation. If you plan to satisfy everybody, you will not succeed. (…) You cannot resolve this issue, but you could find a just balance for launching this ordinance on the market,’ Stroe added, addressing Environment Minister Rovana Plumb. Stroe further said a new old car scrapping programme was needed, but authorities should be careful not to allow it to be shadowed by the entry into the country of an overwhelming number of old vehicles exactly as a result of the introduction of the environment stamp. ‘If 175,000 used cars were imported to Romania last year, I promise you this year there will be 350,000. What are we going to do about this country?’ Stroe said referring to the environment stamp draft law according to which the tax will drop by 60-90 per cent for Euro 2, Euro 1 and non-Euro vehicles compared to current rates. He also warned about the danger that new vehicles might lose the local market: ‘I visited the Tanger, Morocco plant two months ago. It’s a jewel of a factory that can make 400,000 cars per year and any businessman, any manufacturer presented with two options will always do two columns and then draw a line and count the profit. The average wage in Morocco represents 60 per cent of the average wage in Romania and the logistic costs are much lower. If we lose the new vehicle market, please let me express my concern about the future of vehicle manufacturing in Romania.’ Despite the fact that most speakers on the debate organised by the Ministry of Environment expressed their dissatisfaction with the current way of calculation for the environment stamp, ministry officials left to be understood they were not going to change anything regarding the coefficients and that the ordinance would be adopted and published in the Official Journal as soon as possible.

Renault Romania: Specific measures are needed for fostering renewal of vehicles registered prior to 2007

Renault Group Romania goes back on the message sent during the same public debate on the environment stamp, that was erroneously understood. ‘We believe the principles of the new draft law on the environment stamp are in the right direction and permit the discouragement of massive used motor-vehicle import, the technical features of which could, in time, have an inappreciable environmental impact, as well as on road traffic and  automotive industry in Romania,’ reads a message to the press.  During the public debate, Renault Group Romania CEO Jerome Olive suggested a double environment stamp for Euro 3 and Euro 4 cars compared to what the draft ordinance stipulates, and said lay-offs might be considered. Nonetheless, Renault Group Romania has made two observations and wants two things to be changed: ‘the introduction of a minimum threshold for the current tax applicable to Euro 2, Euro 1 and Non Euro cars as a deterrence of the import of very old used cars that endanger road traffic’ and ‘for diesel Euro 3 and Euro 4 vehicles the suggestion is to avoid a too low stamp value compared to the current tax, as that would lead to a surge of diesel used cars that are exceptionally polluting in terms of nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and particles, all pollution vectors just as important as the CO2.’ The conclusion of Renault Romania is that ‘the introduction of the new environment stamp should be accompanied by specific measures to address vehicles registered in Romania before 2007, and designed to foster their renewal’.

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