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October 4, 2022

Parliament committees start debating and approving the budget

PDL has over 10,000 amendments to the state budget for 2013.

The joint Permanent Committees of the two House of the Parliament yesterday started debating and approving the draft Law on the State Budget for 2013. Debates will continue today and tomorrow in specialty committees for each ministry, and from Thursday to Monday the two draft laws will be debated by the joint Budget-Finance committees.The joint Law committees approved the budget of the Constitutional Court in the variant proposed by the government (RON 15,260 thousand), the Superior Council of Magistracy (RON 89,559 thousand), the Ombudsman’s institution (RON 5,623,000) and the Legislative Council (RON 5,301 thousand).Last week, legislators could submit amendments to the draft laws of the state budget and social insurances budget for 2013. PDL had over 10,000 amendments to this law, according to the leader of PDL deputies Mihai Stanisoara. He announced that PDL will promote all these amendments in specialty committees and in plenum. “We prepare for a long debate,” Stanisoara said. The leader of PDL deputies also warned that an eventual decision of USL to reject all these amendments “in block” would be abusive and against regulations. The PDL deputy of Hunedoara, Mircia Muntean said for Mediafax that he filed 60 amendments to the draft budget for 2013, inspired from those submitted by USL last year, to show that they are “liars.”

PPDD proposes the increase of pensions

The founding president of PPDD said yesterday, during a press conference held by the Parliament groups of the party, which he attended as a guest, that the proposals of his party to amend the budget include an increase of pensions by 16.5 pc and the increase of minimum pensions from RON 350 to RON 450. According to Diaconescu, the approximately 2,000 proposals made by PPDD are punctual, local. He explained that other proposals made by PPDD to the budget for 2013 refer to transferring private pension funds from private administration to that of the government, which would allow the executive to manage them, as it happened in other European states. PPDD also proposed that the “milk and pastry” programme gets replaced by a warm meal for children, the holiday and treatment tickets for pensioners get included in the budget and the contribution of employers gets diminished by 50 pc for the employers that hire jobless.

Unrest in the USL

PNL senator Sorin Rosca Stanescu informed that he was asked, “as formally as it can be,” to refrain from making amendments. “First I received an SMS informing me that we could file amendments until Friday and then, when we asked for the forms (used to submit amendments to the budget) I was told, as formally as it can be, that we are requested not to submit amendments,” Rosca Stanescu said on Realitatea TV. Answering the accusations, the leader of PNL senators, Puiu Hasotti said that Sorin Rosca Stanescu did not speak the truth.  PNL president Crin Antonescu rejected yesterday the allegations about USL MPs being prohibited to submit amendments to the state budget for 2013, adding that no political decision was made in the USL that would impose anything to legislators with this regard. “Nobody, except for the law, may prevent a member of the Romanian Parliament from doing anything. No political decision has been made that would impose anything with this regard to senators and deputies,” Antonescu assured.After these statements, Rosca Stanescu once again said that a Liberal representative from the Secretariat of the Senate prevented him to submit an amendment to the state budget, which was about transferring money to the Ministry of Culture.PNL spokesman Mihai Voicu later announced that Premier Victor Ponta and Finance minister Daniel Chitoiu will have a meeting with the parliamentary groups of USL Tuesday morning, to discuss the state budget and the possible amendments.

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