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June 21, 2021

Artan Korenica photography exhibition at the Romanian Peasant Museum

The Romanian Peasant Museum’s Aquarium Hall will house until February 1 a very interesting photo exhibition signed by Kosovar photographer Artan Korenica.

According to a communiqué released by the museum, “Don’t Look Down on Me” is a project on which Artan Korenica started working several years ago, being supported since December 2011 by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, the Kosovo Open Society Foundation and the Foundation for an Open Society, with a contribution from the Art and Culture Programme, Budapest. During the 12 months spent photographing the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro, he managed to capture all the stories he wanted to show in the photographs. The project consists of a photography exhibition and an album. Characters belonging to various social and economic environments that have different educational backgrounds, that belong to both genders and that have different ages are portrayed in the photographs. The album contains photographs from the exhibition, portraits and documentary photographs presenting the living conditions of the persons photographed. “You have to thank God every day that your skin is white, my friend once told me. I asked him why, he told me that for the simple things I do every day without even thinking he has to struggle just because his skin is dark. I cannot work where I want, I cannot live wherever I want, I cannot eat wherever I want, I cannot sit in the classroom wherever I want. Just because I’m “black”,” the Kosovar artist stated. “Working between New York and Kosovo I thought I can do something about this. Through my work I could do something small scale and maybe I will change the prejudice towards dark-skinned people at least for one person. Bit by bit maybe one day we will understand we are all the same. It’s important for me to show all these people working, eating, studying and playing, using portraits and their eyes to show what they have to tell you, the one who sees them as being different. Just because they belong to the Roma, Ashkali or Egyptian communities does not make them less important than you,” he added. Artan Korenica was born in Gjakova, Kosovo, in 1978. He started working as an event photographer in a school. After moving to Pristina in 2000 he trained as a filmmaker, making several films and video clips. While working as assistant photographer he started taking photographs for himself, developing his passion for photography. Artan Korenica’s photographs usually focus on a certain theme, he prefers making photo reports that present a story. His photo and film projects also have a humanitarian purpose. He currently works in Kosovo and the United States.

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