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October 22, 2021

Valmar, Porsche Romania: ‘Junk Car’ programme needs modifying

Changing the ‘Junk Car’ programme is the second measure that needs to be adopted this year, according to the chief of Porsche Romania, as the way it was done last year, with transmissible coupons, hurt automotive market more than it helped it, according to zf.ro. ‘The intention of the Ministry of Environment to limit the trading of vehicle retirement coupons to one sale while increasing their value, but we say they should be traded in a regulated and open way in order to avoid the jobbing that happened in 2012. For example, we suggest coupons should only be traded through a notary’s office,’ Brent Valmar, Porsche Romania CEO and Vice President of the Association of Automobile Producers and Importers (APIA), said. As for its duration, the APIA official stressed that ‘starting this year. The <Junk Car> programme should be announced for several years ahead, and the volume should be phased down over a reasonable number of years. There is no such programme anywhere else in Europe. We are the last country with such programme in progress. We plead for a small number of coupons and a previously disclosed budget, with coupon validity from 30 to 60 days in order to avoid jobbing,’ Valmar stressed.

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