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May 9, 2021

PNL vice-president to resign

PNL member Vlad Moisescu announced that he will resign today from the position of party vice-president, because he disagrees on how Crin Antonescu leads the party.“Monday, I will submit my resignation to the Permanent Bureau. I will remain a regular member, like I was in ’90,” Moisescu said on B1 TV.He claimed that several fellow members of PNL are discontent over how Antonescu leads the party, but do not dare to speak overtly.“A conflict sparked in May 2012, initiated by Chiliman, whom I supported, with Mr. Antonescu. The decisions to sack people were always made before elections. Prior to the parliamentary elections, another conflict appeared. Tariceanu decided to run in Sector 1, in the very constituency vacated by Antonescu, a move which we supported, because it honoured us, but made him even angrier. It is not us who generated the conflict; the responsibility lies with Mr. Antonescu. This week, after two very serious incidents. All these make me submit my resignation. I remain a regular member, like I was in ’90. There are many, but they do not dare to speak. The basis of the Liberal tradition is free speech, and by no means fear,” Moisescu said.

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