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May 8, 2021

The future of orchestra music in Bucharest: The Masterpiece

Famous soundtracks by Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Thomas Bergersen, Guy Farley and Gerard Marino will be heard at the Palace Hall.

The breathtaking “The Masterpiece” show will come to Bucharest on March 23, 2012, at the Palace Hall, and will present, in a worldwide premiere, modern soundtracks of exceptional value in an epic syncretic production obtained through the collaboration of 140 artists offering 140 minutes of intense content. The syncretism is obtained through the harmonious, synchronized combining of soundtracks with lights, lasers and videos (on a 32-square-meter LED display), elements of pyrotechnics and choreography, special effects. Given the involvement in this project of Hollywood master composers – Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Thomas Bergersen, Guy Farley and Gerard Marino (unique scores written for this event and electronic sounds of exceptional quality) – the Romanian public will come into contact with the future of orchestra music, namely the hybrid interpretation of ultramodern electronic sounds, of the Bucharest Symphonic Orchestra, of the chorus and of exotic, ethnical instruments thousands of years old.

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