Today, first ordinary session of the new legislative session

The Senate and the Chamber of Deputies are called today on the first ordinary session of the 2012-2016 legislature.The ordinary session of the Senate will start at 1.00 PM, with consultations between the leaders of parliamentary groups, and will continue at 2.00 PM with a session of the Permanent Bureau, the leading body of the Upper House, which will set the agenda for the meeting of the plenum, which will begin at 4.00 PM. Senators will also meet in the parliamentary groups they belong to, as of 3.00 PM, in order to define their legislative priorities for this session.Senators will designate by vote the members of the new Permanent Bureau (four vice-president, four secretaries and four questors). After validation, the new Permanent Bureau will have a brief meeting at 4.30 PM.After returning to the plenum of the Senate, senators will vote the agenda of the plenum, which includes over 20 acts.The senators will have to vote on draft laws that ratify international accords signed by Romania, as well as documents that regulate several sectors.The latter refer to a draft modification of the laws that regulate the salaries in public culture institutions, an amendment to the law on the establishing of the National Housing Agency (ANL), draft laws for the waste management sector, a modification of the Law of local police, and another of the law on the election of the authorities of public local administrations.

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