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December 2, 2022

Malpractice accusations in Craiova: A woman, in coma after birth

A 26 year old woman, who gave birth through caesarian operation two weeks ago, at the Filantropia Hospital of Craiova, was transferred in coma to the County Hospital. Her family accuses the medical personnel of malpractice and of refusing to transfer the patient to a hospital in Bucharest. “Few days after the caesarian surgery, she caught a fever and could no longer get up from bed. We asked to take her to Bucharest, but they told us she has swine flu. Now she is in coma. Nobody tells us her precise diagnosis. On January 28, they kept her sedated. The doctors that operated her are guilty. The girl had made all analyses before giving birth and everything was well. She was monitored by a gynecologist during the entire pregnancy,” the woman’s godfather said, quoted by Mediafax. Now, the woman is under monitoring. She is under medical investigations, said Cristina Geormaneanu, the spokeswoman of the Craiova County Hospital. The officials of the Filantropia Hospital were not available for a formal point of view.

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