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May 17, 2022

Teleorman County Council won by USL and Covasna Municipality by UDMR

USL candidate Adrian Gadea has was elected as President of Teleorman County Council with 81 per cent of the vote on Sunday, according to the final results provided by the County Electoral Bureau (BEJ). Currently Vice President of the Teleorman County Council, Gadea is replacing the Social-Democrat Liviu Dragnea, who was elected to Parliament in December 2012. According to the results provided by BEJ, Ionut Adrian Gadea (USL) gathered 103,879 votes (81 %), being followed by Constantin Amarie (PDL) with 16,562 valid votes (12.9 %) and Tudor Neagu (PPDD), with 6,231 votes (4.9 %). The turnout at the Sunday election was 38.6 per cent. The election did not lack specific incidents either. Two Teleorman men are now under criminal investigation, the first one for stamping four voting ballots and the other one for voting twice. Slatina mayor office was won by USL candidate Minel Prina by 70.36 %, followed by PPDD candidate with 16.81% and PDL one with 4.89%. On the other hand, Thiesz Janos, UDMR candidate for mayor of Covasna town, won the partial local election on Sunday. The Prefecture reported yesterday a turnout of 62.64 per cent in Covasna. UDMR candidate Thiesz Janos – so far Deputy Mayor – obtained 63.2 per cent of the 6,006 valid votes recorded. The independent candidate supported by USL, PDL, Civic Force, PRM and PPDD, Popica Sorin Iordan, came in second with 34.2 per cent of the vote and the PPMT candidate, former city mayor in 1992-2000, Malnasi Laszlo Levente, only obtained 2.6 per cent. The Covasna partial election was held after the death of 48 year old Mayor Lorincz Zsigmond at the end of November.PDL President Vasile Blaga yesterday said he was dissatisfied with the results his party had obtained in the local election, noting the big differences among the various counties which showed the amount of work needed in the PDL organisations. ‘Obviously, the results are not good and, of course, every party or political alliance that wins a general election will also win all partial elections in the following months,’ realitatea.net quotes Blaga as having said. Blaga also noted that Olt County had been a place with major issues ever since the previous summer and therefore would be the first county to go under the scrutiny of the PDL leaders.

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