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January 24, 2022

MCA Grup posts EUR 8.2 M turnover in 2012

MCA Grup, the biggest manufacturer of sectional garage doors in Romania and the Balkans, ended 2012 with a turnover of EUR 8.2 M, roughly the same as a year ago, in a market that declined by approximately 16 pc, reads a press release.Analysing the situation of the local market of garage doors, in terms of sold units, we can speak about a 10 pc decline in 2012, to 14,500 units, an evolution which the company also blames on the 10 pc decrease of the number of construction licenses issued in 2011. In terms of value, the decline is even more abrupt, of 16 pc, to approximately EUR 10 M, worsened by the erosion of prices. Other factors that contributed to this evolution of the market are political instability, whose influence determined the temporary stoppage of works to major industrial projects, as well as the bad economic context at home and abroad, and the fluctuations of the exchange rate.

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