UNJR and AMR urge CSM to recall Ghica and Danilet

The National Union of Judges (UNJR) and Association of Magistrates in Romania (AMR) are asking the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) in a public letter to recall judges Alina Ghica and Cristi Danilet as members of the Council, with the argument that the will of over 1,600 judges can not be disregarded. ‘The Superior Council of Magistracy disregarding the will of judges would mean self-discredit for the institution and a diversion form its constitutional role which is to represent the will of the professional body of magistrates. Renouncing minimal integrity and transparency standards in the case of the Council members, disregarding the legal and democratic vote of judges and enhancing specific public perceptions of politicisation of the activity of the Council are all actions incompatible with the role of this institution,’ say the UNJR and AMR representatives.  The two professional associations also remind in their letter that, for the first time in the Council history, a procedure for recalling two of its members has been fully completed, under complete conditions of legality. That being said – say the representatives of the two organisations – the Superior Council of Magistracy must show respect for the democratically and legally expressed will of the judges and ascertain the legitimacy of their action to recall the two representatives had voted on the Council and order their dismissal as members of the Council. UNJR and AMR also warn CSM that a potential ‘attempt of direct intimidation’ of magistrates having voted to dismiss the two judges by referring the general assembly reports to the Judicial Inspection ‘for pretended assessments and checks’ were completely illegal actions that would be duly reprimanded by the whole of the judicial corps. Judges Alina Ghica and Cristi Danilet had submitted their respective candidacies for the position as vice president of CSM on January 4, after the election of Oana Schmidt Haineala as President of the Council. The two said on January 23 they would withdraw their candidacies as the procedure for recalling them as CSM members was in progress. Judge Adrian Bordea, who represents the High Court on the CSM, said he would run for Council vice president, after the meeting of the Department for Judges.

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