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May 17, 2021

PDL claims its amendments on Budget law had been scrapped

PM Ponta asked ministers to be present in Parliament and support their respective budgets for this year, voicing his hope that MPs will cast the final vote over the draft budget at the beginning of next week, at latest.

Senators and deputies met in plenum yesterday morning, to continue the debates that started Tuesday on the draft Law of the state budget. A number of 435 legislators announced their presence in the session.
Shortly after debates restarted yesterday, a scandal broke out in the plenum: the Parliament group of PDL left the session, accusing that the amendments of the opposition disappeared from the report of the budget-finance committees. PDL president Vasile Blaga said that the Democrat-Liberals protested because Dan Radu Rusanu, the chairman of the Budget-Finance Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, ‘arbitrarily removed’ from the list of debates the amendments about the allocation of funds to the General Secretariat of the Government. Blaga said that, if these amendments are not put on debate, PDL will not return even for the final vote.
Previously, in plenum, PDL MPs Gheorghe Ialomitianu, Cezar Preda and Gheorghe Tinel accused the power that it wants to remove the opposition’s right to support its amendments to the budget law.  Gheorghe Ialomitianu and Cezar Preda accused this is “an abuse” made by Rusanu. Preda stressed that Dan Radu Rusanu should quit the top position of the Budget-Finance committees. “
The leader of PDL deputies, Mihai Stanisoara warned that he will report to the Legal Committee the fact that Dan Radu Rusanu ordered that the amendments to the budget that were not supported in the committee must not be debated by the plenum, which he considered as a ‘serious infringement’ of the Statute of MPs.
Later, Valeriu Zgonea rejected a request to verify the quorum during the debate of the budget, as well as PDL’s new request to interrupt the proceedings until the rejected amendments will be reintroduced on to the agenda.
Premier Victor Ponta yesterday asked his ministers to be present in Parliament and support their respective budgets for this year, adding that he hopes that MPs will cast the final vote on the draft budget at the beginning of next week, at latest. “I hope that the budget for 2013 will be approved by the Parliament at the end of this week or the beginning of next week, so we can return to absolutely normal activity,” Ponta mentioned in the cabinet meeting.
During the afternoon, the legislators of PPDD, too, left the session of the joint plenum, accusing the absence of the senators and deputies of the ruling coalition. After leaving the hall, the leader of PPDD deputies, Radu Popa said that he asked a roll-call to be made and the group of PPDD will return to the proceedings as soon as it will be known how many MPs attend the debates on the budget.
Also, late in the afternoon, the Vice-president of the Chamber of Deputies, Viorel Hrebenciuc, announced that the PDL parliamentarians will be able to debate the amendments they made but that were not included in the report.
The Parliament yesterday voted the supplementing of the budget of the Ministry of Justice by RON 10 M, needed to pay the fees of lawyers appointed by court, the sum being diminished by the Ministry of Public Finance.

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