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October 20, 2020

ANI accuses Antonescu of political pressure

The National Integrity Agency (ANI) claims that Crin Antonescu’s statements about political favors in ANI cases and the accrediting of the idea that the institution is a court of law can be interpreted as a way of putting unjustified political pressure on ANI inspectors.
At the same time, ANI claims that such statements can mislead public opinion in what concerns the Agency’s activity, ANI being invested by law to conduct activities that serve the citizens’ interest. “The accusations are contradicted by the independent external audit reports on ANI’s management and activity, reports that were approved without recommendations and forwarded to the Romanian Senate by the National Integrity Council,” a press communiqué issued by ANI last Friday reads.
Senate Speaker Crin Antonescu stated on Thursday that apart from the Statute of MPs the law on ANI’s functioning should be “clarified” too. Antonescu stated that ANI should have prerogatives when it comes to taking note of a possible illegality, to investigating conflicts of interests or incompatibilities, but that the ANI regime should not surpass that of the Prosecutor’s Office because the Agency is not a court of law. He also warned that if an MP eventually wins in court his seat in Parliament cannot be given back.
We remind our readers that the Parliament decided to send back to the Statute Commission, for a period of one week, the report on the Statute of MPs that admitted the objections raised by President Traian Basescu, after PNL criticized the paragraphs concerning incompatibilities and announced that it will vote against it.

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