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October 16, 2021

UDMR criticizes 8-region regionalisation

The project sparks heated exchange of words between USL’s top leaders as well.

The regionalisation proposal sparks controversy, with the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR) criticizing it as the wrong alternative, given the 8 administrative areas proposed overlap the development regions in place, which would only widen the existing economic gap between counties.
During a press conference Friday, UDMR President Kelemen Hunor called the eight development region organisational form a “failure”, adding that, sticking to this formula would only make the failure worse. “The eight regions don’t correspond to the realities in the Romanian society whatsoever. There are huge economic and social discrepancies between counties, the development gap has widened between the counties within development regions,” said Kelemen Hunor.
The president of the Magyar Civic Party (PCM), Biro Zsolt, in his turn said that he talked to the UDMR leader about the means for cooperation between the two groupings, including regionalisation project joint teams being set up.
For his part, Mures County Prefect Corneliu Grosu on Friday said that the “notion of the Szekler Land as a region in itself is out of question “, and upheld the reorganisation variant relying on the current development regions, yet with  Targu Mures as the capital of the Center Region.
The Romania regionalisation project has also sparked a heated exchange of words between the top leaders of the Social Liberal Union (USL) as well, namely Social-Democrat Deputy Premier Liviu Dragnea and Liberal Vice-president Sorin Frunzaverde, with the former taking a veiled jab at the latter for putting on the market a regionalisation alternative of his own. In his turn, Frunzaverde admitted to have asked some experts to draft such document, in his capacity as Chairman of the Council for Regional Development of the West Region, on grounds of “not feeling comfortable with the centralist attempts from the central administration with respect to such bill of law.”
Also on Thursday, Dragnea said he saw several regionalization maps on TV, although it is now that the working group is being set up, and pointed out he didn’t believe their presentation being a mere coincidence given the conflict surrounding the hoisting of the Szekler Land flag.

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