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March 29, 2023

Agriculture Min in Brussels over horsemeat scandal

Daniel Constantin, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, along his counterparts from France, the UK, Luxemburg and Poland, is attending a Brussels meeting today called by the Irish Agriculture Ministry over the marketing in Britain of meat produce said to have contained horsemeat instead of beef, according to the Agriculture Ministry press release. Romania’s ambassador to the UK, Ion Jinga, has denied, in an interview for SkyNews, any blame for the horse meat scandal, saying facts have been incorrectly reported and no processed horse meat has ever been exported from the country. “Romanian companies do not export minced or processed meat. It is properly labeled and controlled. It is unacceptable as well to provide falsely labelled food and manipulate the British public of course as well.”, Jinga said. He also denied wild horses from Danube Delta could ever have been sold for meat. “It is completely outrageous what some media has written about wild horses in Romania being stolen for meat, from the national reservation. They are all microchipped and under permanent surveillance by a German NGO.

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