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December 7, 2021

Perla Hair Salon criminal sentenced to life in prison

On Tuesday the Bucharest Court sentenced Gheorghe Vladan to life imprisonment for the massacre that took place at the Perla Hair Salon on March 5, 2012. Vladan killed his wife and one of her co-workers and injured six other persons. Likewise, the court ruled that the victims of the massacre should be paid damages. The court’s decision is not final and can be attacked at the Bucharest Court of Appeals.

Eugenia Radoi, Vladan’s lawyer, stated that she will attack the Bucharest Court’s ruling, claiming that the punishment is excessive, the ruling she expected being 20 years in jail since it was not proven that the murders were premeditated. On the other hand, the lawyer stated that if he could turn back in time Vladan would no longer do “those atrocities.”

The prosecutors asked for life imprisonment for Gheorghe Vladan, their main argument being that he premeditated his actions and had discernment at the moment of the attack.

On March 5, 2012, police agent Gheorghe Vladan, driver at the Interior Ministry’s “N. Kretzulescu” Policlinic, opened fire in the Perla Hair Salon in Bucharest, with the intent of killing his wife. His wife and the hair salon’s cashier were killed and six other persons, employees and customers, were injured.

Vladan was sent to court, while being under preventive arrest, in April 2012, being charged with manslaughter and attempted manslaughter, failure to respect gun laws and driving under the influence.

On the day of the massacre Gheorghe Vladan had been subpoenaed by phone at Precinct 14 where his wife had filed a complaint against him on March 1, stating she received threats. Florina Vladan had stated that her husband was threatening her and had a gun. The two were divorcing, their court appearance being scheduled on March 7. The authorities did not solve the complaint in a timely manner. Four days later the woman was shot dead.

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