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June 22, 2021

Parliamentarians vote on their statute again

According to the law adopted yesterday, the term allowed for disputing ANI’s report extends from 15 to 45 days. The Parliament had to vote on the law again, after President Basescu had sent in a re-examination request
The Parliament sitting in plenary session adopted yesterday, with 298 votes in favour, 101 against and 36 abstentions the Report on President Traian Basescu’s request for the re-examination of the Statute of Parliamentarians. The document was adopted in its latest version generated by the Statute Committee. The MP Statute Committee yesterday operated the changes suggested in the initial report, extending the term allowed to an MP for disputing an ANI incompatibility report from 15 to 45 days. According to Mediafax, the change was adopted by Parliament with 294 votes in favour, 101 against and 16 abstentions.
PDL opposed the adoption of the amendment, Senator Cristian Radulescu saying that the term for challenging a decision should be the same as for any other citizen under the Code of Civil Procedure – 15 days.
PDL and PPDD voted against the report on the Statute of Deputies and Senators, with the argument that the super-immunity had not been removed and that there was still discrimination between MPs and the rest of the citizens. PSD and PNL voted for the amended law. PDL MP Gabriel Andronache said, after the vote in plenary session, that PDL had voted against, claiming ‘procedural inconsistencies’. ‘The final version of the report is not dealing with the items in the president’s re-examination request. Unfortunately, it still allows a super-immunity and discrimination between MPs and other categories of locally elected officials. You have not resolved the situation of people who cannot be found, who avoid receiving the ANI report and who don’t want to give up their seat’, Andronache said. PPDD Senator Haralambie Vochitoiu noted that his party had also opposed, as the law still contained privileges for MPs compared to the regular citizens of the country. ‘Provisions on immunity are still excessive. The senators and deputies ought to be equal to any other Romanian in front of the law’, Vochitoiu said.
UDMR representatives abstained from voting on the report – said UDMR MP Marton Arpad, noting that, while his party agreed to restricting some financial entitlements, the other sections did not resolve the situation. Chamber Speaker Valeriu Zgonea said the adoption of the report was ‘a gain to Parliament, not a loss’.
UNPR MP Eugen Nicolicea said he was ’stupefied’ to see that some parliamentary groups voted against a request for re-examination made by President Traian Basescu and that the objective regarding the image of the Parliament had been ’99 per cent’ reached. “The report is not exaggerated, it actually stops abuse or errors’, Nicolicea also said.
The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Valeriu Zgonea, said that the adoption of the Statute of Deputies and Senators was the closure to an important stage for the Romanian Parliament, as well as the solution to a CVM benchmark. He noted that, if the law is promulgated, he and the Senate Speaker, Crin Antonescu, would inform the European Commission on the change made. The Social-Democrat also said he did not understand why the opposition had voted against the re-examination request.

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