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January 31, 2023

Stanescu vs. Ghita – “war of the agents”

In recent weeks the Romanian media landscape has been dominated by the conflict between news channels Antena 3 and Romania TV, the former owned by the family of PC Honorary President Dan Voiculescu and the latter by businessman and PSD MP Sebastian Ghita. The latest episode in the conflict started against the backdrop of the statements made by Liberal Senator Sorin Rosca Stanescu (former editor of the ‘Ziua’ daily – editor’s note), who accused Sebastian Ghita during a show on Antena 3 of being “an undercover officer.” Ghita, who is also secretary of the Parliament’s Commission on the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), replied through a communiqué sent to B1TV. “Sorin Rosca Stanescu remains a two-faced man that uses Securitate methods. I don’t know exactly what his relations with Ceausescu’s Securitate were, but the habits are the same. His attack on the Romanian intelligence services is of a Soviet character and took place during a week in which Voiculescu’s media trust was also attacking Romania’s intelligence services and former Securitate officer Ioan Nicolae, a known collaborator of Russian natural gas companies, was attacking in paid-for shows Romania’s shale gas efforts and was also accusing SRI and SIE. (…) Rosca Stanescu talks in order to cover his older criminal actions,” PSD MP Sebastian Ghita stated.
Sorin Rosca Stanescu replied on Tuesday evening on Realitatea TV, stating that Ghita is an undercover officer recruited by SRI Deputy General Gioni Popescu because he was probably “an eminent mathematician” and warned that Ghita may be incompatible given the fact that he is currently member of the Parliamentary Commission on SRI. “I talked about the possibility given to Mr. Ghita, about the way in which he was directed in order to make a fabulous wealth out of doing IT businesses with the state, including IT businesses with SRI and other secret services. It’s interesting to see whether this gentleman is not by any chance in a relation of incompatibility, being both a member of the Commission that oversees SRI and dealing in this kind of businesses. First he was recruited, then he made money. It’s not something unusual, not an unusual case of illustrious personalities recruited directly by generals or heads of services,” Sorin Rosca Stanescu stated.
In his turn, businessman Ioan Niculae rejected Sebastian Ghita’s accusations, claiming that his attitude proves he is only a Securitate collaborator. “I am sure he is not a real agent or intelligence officer, he’s just an informant, otherwise he couldn’t have been so stupid as to reveal himself so fast. He came out fighting in order to protect the service he is part of as an informant. (…) He came out to defend his bosses… he is a puppy barking in order to protect his masters,” Niculae stated. Ioan Niculae also stated on Realitatea TV that SRI’s “political chief” Florian Coldea (SRI’s First Deputy – editor’s note), not George Maior, is SRI’s true leader. He also accused SRI of trying to “bankrupt” businessmen in order to take over their businesses.
Present on Tuesday afternoon at the hearings that took place within the Commission that oversees SRI’s activity, SRI Director George Maior pointed out that he does not want to comment the statement according to which a media trust allegedly influences the Romanian intelligence services, a statement made by MP and commission member Sebastian Ghita. “I comment on the statements of politicians that concerned SRI in its relations with members of Parliament and I said that there is no incompatibility from this point of view. This has to do with the essence of the strict legal criteria under which we conduct our activity,” Maior stated.
In his turn, PNL President Crin Antonescu stated, also on Tuesday, referring to the pressures that Sorin Rosca Stanescu allegedly put on intelligence services, that these institutions “are fairly solid” so as not to be intimidated by anyone. “I believe that the intelligence services are fairly solid so as not to be intimidated, neither by Sorin Rosca Stanescu nor by anyone else, and, one the other hand, I believe Mr. Ghita’s position as defender of these services is a bit exaggerated. I think they can manage on their own,” Antonescu replied.

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