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October 27, 2020

Liviu Dragnea: There will not be only one capital in a region

Romania’s future administrative regions will not have only one capital, but several towns that will host institutions with regional attributions, Vice-premier Liviu Dragnea said yesterday in Pitesti, quoted by rtv.net. “We are interested that each county and every citizen of each county enjoys the benefits of regionalisation. If there will be an administrative headquarter in a town, then in a different town from another county there will be, say, the regional finance department, while the regional environment department will be in another county seat and so on. We do not want to concentrate in only one town the entire package of the administrative power, because in parallel with the regionalisation process we will also achieve decentralisation,” Dragnea explained. He described the information about how regions will be designed and capitals will be established, which recently surfaced in the public space, as just speculations or “strange ideas.”
“There currently is no formal regionalisation project of Romania. (…) The number of regions, the design of regions, the competences that will be granted to regions (…) will be the final result of a thorough analysis process that will last months,” the deputy PM mentioned. On the other hand, he said that the entire administrative-territorial reorganisation process must end in 2013, so regions become functional and can access projects when the new European budgetary exercise will begin.

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