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April 21, 2021

Court of Accounts audit: Hundreds of millions of Euros squandered at CNADNR

The activity of the National Highways Company (CNADNR) during the 2008-2012 period is harshly criticized by a report presented by the Court of Accounts. The report outlines a series of irregularities within CNADNR: a deficient and poorly performing management, colossal sums spent on repairing outdated roads, serious deficiencies in snow-clearing activities, dozens of millions of RON lost in court because some court decisions were not attacked through appeals. According to the report, on December 31, 2011, most modernized national roads and those with light duty asphalt surfaces, which together represent approximately 98.2 per cent of national roads, had an expired useful life. CNADNR spend EUR 863.244 M on repairing 1,060 kilometers of national roads. “CNADNR gave the impression, at least during the period on which the audit focused, of being an entity that did not understand and did not fully adapt itself to the purpose and object of its activity, an entity whose activity seems to have went through a route that looks more like a maze than a well-established and well-oriented route, an entity unaccustomed to the notions of thriftiness, efficiency in organizing its activity and using the earmarked public funds,” the Court’s report points out. Likewise, the Court of Accounts pointed out irregularities in snow-clearing activities too. “The significant dysfunctions noticed in the activity of preventing and combating the formation of snow layer, as well as the negative consequences they had on the optimal use of national roads and on ensuring traffic safety, were generated, almost exclusively, by a deficient management at the company’s central and territorial structures, a management disinterested in attaining an acceptable activity performance level, as well as disinterested towards the thriftiness, efficiency and efficacy of using public funds earmarked for this,” the document adds. The report points out that CNADNR received funds of RON 13,005,236,000, representing 62.2 per cent of its needs.

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