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March 25, 2023

Sorin Sava: The accusations against SRI, launched by people involved in criminal cases

The spokesman of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), Sorin Sava said in an interview with ‘Evenimentul Zilei’ that the accusations made lately against the Service are launched by various people involved in criminal cases. “According to the law, SRI has the obligation and mission to protect the national security interests of Romania, including those that pertain to economic security. With this regard, our role is to inform the legal decision makers, which must act in consequence, as we have no executive attribution,” Sava said, quoted by evz.ro. He added that the professionalism of the institution is confirmed by the actions of control structures or those of the Public Ministry in relation to the various situations that are not conform to the acting legislation. “I consider that this fact has upset on many occasions and, as you know, we heard in the past similar accusations in other situations too, from businessmen who caused losses to the economy,” he said, but avoided giving names. Asked about the recent speculations that SRI might have operatives undercover or overtly among the members of the Parliament, Sava answered that this is a subject that surfaces periodically, in various attempts to lure the institution “into public polemics having as substrate political disputes or partisan interests.” “The SRI categorically denies the existence of employees, under any form, which have the quality of member of the Parliament, or other qualities that are incompatible with the status of employee of our institution, as stipulated by laws and military regulations that are very clear with this regard.” He added that the recent statement made by the president of the country on this issue was clear and leaves no room for interpretation. Sava also said that the law also forbids magistrates to be members of the secret services. “The accusations are not credible, given the persons that brought them,” Sava added.

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