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June 23, 2021

Antonescu: We must have a calm attitude in Szekely flag row

On the same issue, PM Ponta accused Basescu and PDL yesterday of being friends with Fidesz and Viktor Orban.

Senate Speaker Crin Antonescu called for calm yesterday in dealing with the Szekely flag row. He stated that Romania should have the clam approach of a strong state, not of a victim, pointing out that from his point of view it is not necessary for Parliament to adopt an official position. The PNL President added that the Szekely flag or any other flag cannot be “substituted” to official national symbols. At the same time, Premier Victor Ponta commented yesterday on PDL First Vice President Cezar Preda’s demand for Parliament to adopt a statement concerning the diplomatic row of the flags, the Premier stating that one should not listen to “all idiots” and it would be a mistake to mind Preda. “I’ve expressed my opinion about Mr. Cezar Preda, I didn’t change it. Please don’t take this as an offence, but he speaks only nonsense. I believe it would be a big mistake to mind him,” Ponta said. PDL First Vice President Cezar Preda had announced on Sunday that his party will ask Parliament to draft a statement that would express its official position towards the fact that the Szekely flag was hoisted on the Hungarian Parliament.
Also yesterday, Premier Victor Ponta asked PDL and “Mrs. Macovei” to tell “their friends from Fidesz” to stop launching “provocations that have nothing to do with the European idea and with the 21st Century.” “When you talk about Fidesz and Orban (Hungarian Premier Viktor Orban – editor’s note) you can’t help but talk about Mr. Basescu and PDL, they’re friends. Who befriends Romania’s enemies? They are colleagues and friends, they had them as guests at the EPP Congress in Bucharest,” Premier Victor Ponta stated yesterday.
On the other hand, Premier Ponta claimed that there are no problems between Romania and Hungary. “There is no kind of problems between Romania and Hungary, the ones in office now in Hungary have a political campaign interest. We have to be very smart and not allow ourselves to be provoked. They are not interested in what happens in Romania, they’re interested in winning votes in the Hungarian elections,” Victor Ponta added.
Puiu Hasotti, the leader of PNL Senators, pointed the finger at the friendship between Traian Basescu and Hungarian Premier Viktor Orban too. “Before the Parliament reacts President Traian Basescu should have a reaction towards his friend Viktor Orban – he is behind these attitudes. PDL should discuss at high level with Fidesz, because they are their counterparts. Each nation, each Parliament has the right primarily to dignity. A political statement also has the value of a symbol. They should tell their Hungarian colleagues through this statement that we can no longer tolerate the hostile attitude towards the symbols of the Romanian people, otherwise we too will be forced to react,” PNL Senator Puiu Hasotti stated.
The reactions came after the Szekely flag was hoisted on the Hungarian Parliament last Friday, as “symbol of national solidarity,” the moment being occasioned by the plenary meeting of ethnic Hungarian MPs from the Carpathian Basin.

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