We received at our editorial office:

“The Romanian Council on Mediation has been astounded to take note of the article “PACE Rapporteur calls on Romania to revise the law imposing mediation for all cases of violence against women,” published by the well reputed Romanian daily Nine O’Clock. Beginning with this title, the very misleading, untruthful assumption that mediation could be imposed on someone is sending an alarm signal as far as it concerns the reality of the implementation of this alternative dispute resolution method in Romania. The failed attempt by Italian legislators, not so long ago, to make mediation mandatory, is a resounding example at the European level of how this domain and profession should not be approached. Furthermore, linking mediation to the heinous crime of rape and violence against women, in the manner and under the auspices evoked by Mr. Jose Mendes Bota, general rapporteur of PACE (Portugal, EPP/CD) is only proof that lack of documentation if not an orchestrated campaign of disinformation is still taking a toll at surprisingly high levels. Mr. Jose Mendes Bota could simply not call on the Romanian authorities to change a law for something that law does not stipulate: the imposition of mediation. By definition, mediation is not and could not be compulsory. As the only regulating authority on mediation in Romania, the Council on Mediation stands at the PACE rapporteur’s disposal to corectly inform him and the public opinion, both local and European, about the true nature and purposes of mediation in a member state of the EU, a country well aware of its responsibilities and eager to implement the most radical measures in combating violence against women and domestic violence.”

The Romanian Council on Mediation,
President Dorin Valeriu Badulescu, Vice-president Zeno Daniel Sustac

Our note: the above mentioned article was published by Nine O’Clock on February 12, 2013, on page 3. The story was edited according to a press release issued by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

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