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December 1, 2022

Cristian Parvulescu to chair Constitutional Forum

Political analyst Cristian Parvulescu has been unanimously elected chairman of the Constitutional Forum. The announcement was made on Monday evening by Speaker of the Senate Crin Antonescu. Asked whether the Senate will be able to financially support the debates of this forum, Antonescu stated that the debates entail logistical expenses and the money will have to be found. Likewise, the PNL leader pointed out that the government will be consulted on this issue too and there is the possibility of having banks as sponsors. Antonescu added that the Commission on Amending the Constitution will have a new meeting next week, being set to finalize its internal regulations. In what concerns the timetable for finalizing the draft amendments, he pointed out that the goal is for the draft to be ready by mid-May and to be voted in the plenum before the summer holiday. In his turn, Cristian Parvulescu stated that his vision on the Constitutional Forum is based on a wide democratic debate that would take place based on three pillars: “a territorial pillar that would entail local, county, regional and national bodies, a thematic pillar that would allow specialists and organizations of various profiles to express themselves, for example a green forum, a forum concerning social and economic services, and a third pillar, an academic pillar that would allow constitutional law and social sciences specialists to state their opinions.” The political analyst pointed out that the constitutional forum will enjoy independence from political factors, including from the parliamentary commission on amending the Constitution. Likewise, Parvulescu insisted on having sufficient time to debate the proposed amendments, otherwise the forum’s activity becoming pointless. Moreover, he underlined that there will be no remunerations for those coordinating the forum’s activity.

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