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September 27, 2022

Ponta: Nobody dares making any decision in Romania, from fear of the DNA

According to the prime minister, the DNA – conceived as an institution aimed at countering big corruption – now probes the petty chiefs of local party branches, even at commune level.

Premier Victor Ponta said Monday evening, on Realitatea TV, that the EU projects are blocked because the officials with attributions in this sector do not make any decision, “from fear of being detained by the DNA” (the National Anticorruption Directorate). “This is an extremely perverted situation: I try, together with the new minister Teodorovici (Eugen Teodorvici, the Minister of European Funds), with the new chief of the National Authority for the Regulation and Monitoring of Public Acquisitions (ANRMAP), to find why European funds and tenders keep getting blocked. We made 100 institutions, they all control. Finally, when I ask <<What are you doing?>> – <<We do not know how, because if we give it, we are probed by the DNA.>> So, in Romania, nobody dares making any decision, from fear of the DNA. Well, the DNA should take you if you do something illegal. There are discussions even in the cabinet meeting: <<We cannot do this.>> <<But we are the government, we make decisions…>> <<Yes, but then comes the DNA…>>” Ponta said, quoted by Mediafax. He emphasised that the DNA, which was initially conceived as an institution that fights high-rank corruption, reached now the situation when it probes any local party chief, from even the smallest branch of a political party.” (…) Any political leader, a chief of a branch of PSD, PDL or PNL from the smallest commune, is probed by the DNA only because he is a party member, which is stupid. (…) The DNA, which started from the idea that it will combat top corruption – ministers, members of the Parliament, presidents – has reached the situation when it does everything and almost nothing, because several dozens of prosecutors cannot investigate the whole Romania,” the premier explained. He added that another big problem exists within the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM), where judges vote against each other, which turns it into “the most serious crisis of the judiciary.”

Rosca Stanescu and Sebastian Ghita, warned

PNL Senator Sorin Rosca Stanescu and PSD deputy Sebastian Ghita will leave the USL if they keep accusing each other in public about who is “a bigger mogul and secret agent,” Victor Ponta warned, saying that he decided this jointly with PNL president Crin Antonescu. “If they have these important issues to settle between them, they should not do it in the quality of PSD deputy and PNL senator. Mr. Rosca Stanescu’s opinion about me is interesting, but he should say it in private; same goes with what Mr. Ghita thinks about Mr. Antonescu. We hope that the public dispute has been closed, at least for now,” the premier stated, adding that USL can afford to lose a senator and a deputy. On the other hand, he announced that he will return sooner than planned from the working visit that he will pay to France this week (on February 20-22), in order to attend the Congress of PNL. Ponta added that, for him, PNL has been a loyal partner so far with regard to essential matters.In a different move, the USL leader criticised the intellectuals of PDL, whom he said are seeking offices and money. “We both support Udrea (him and Basescu, for president of PDL). This is the secret annex of the cohabitation pact. We reach 90 pc if we give those people their sinecures and advantages, Preda, Macovei, Neamtu. The intellectuals have other things to do. Those are only profiteers. They receive money and posts to appear in a photograph with you,” the prime minister said, quoted by realitatea.net.


The visit to Budapest, on March 9

As for the political tensions between Hungary and Romania, the premier said that they are a political challenge based on a cynical calculation aimed at bringing votes, but those who initiated them forgot “the ridiculous side of the story,” meaning that the Szekler flag was first used when Szeklers allied with Prince Michael the Brave (Mihai Viteazul) against the Hungarians. “The ruling party, FIDESZ led by Mr. Orban has this assumed tactic of stirring disputes in the countries that have Hungarian minorities, in order to win votes at home. (…) I happened to learn it from a Szekler: the flag of Szeklerland was used for the first time in 1599-1600, when Szeklers allied with Michael the Brave against the Hungarians. So, the fact that on the Hungarian Parliament flies a banner that was born from the fight against Hungarians is utterly ridiculous. The speaker of the Hungarian Parliament probably does not know it,” Ponta said. He added that he will not fall into this trap and, on March 9, he will go to Budapest, following an invitation extended by the Hungarian Socialist Party, in order to also demonstrate that there are no real issues between the Hungarian and Romanian peoples, and this is only extremist and demagogic politics.

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