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October 24, 2021

Blaga: If Basescu were to resign and run for PDL’s presidency I would support him

PDL President Vasile Blaga has radically changed his discourse in the midst of a war of words between him, party presidency candidate Elena Udrea and President Traian Basescu, the latter supporting Elena Udrea, making a surprising statement. Thus, the PDL President stated on Tuesday evening during a talk show that if President Traian Basescu were to resign and run for the PDL’s presidency he would support him. “There are many things on which we had different opinions. I answered him several days ago that I wasn’t the one wronged, the party was wronged, but at the same time let’s be serious we had good times together too. After the National Convention of 2001 we worked together so many years until we rebuilt the party. (…) If I run and win the party’s presidency and he wants to return to the party he won’t need another guarantee, he will be able to return if he wants to and we will welcome him with open arms,” Blaga stated on B1TV. Moreover, Blaga stated that Traian Basescu is not his political opponent, and neither is Elena Udrea. On the other hand, he criticized his party colleague MEP Cristian Preda, reproaching him with lack of involvement in the elections campaign and lack of performance within the European Parliament. “Monica Macovei has undeniably confirmed, because she was declared the best MEP. Mr. Cristian Preda was absent, did not get involved in the general elections campaign, that was what bothered me. He stood out through absences and now criticizes the leaders. Another thing concerning his character bothered me. He attacked Stolojan for the simple fact that he expressed his support for me, stating that Stolojan says one thing in Brussels and another here. Does Cristian Preda by any chance want to get rid of Stolojan’s candidacy in the EP elections?” Vasile Blaga rhetorically asked. On the other hand, Adriean Videanu, interim president of PDL Bucharest, has called for unity in a blog entry, warning “all currents, factions, camps” that division and ego clashes destroyed other parties too.

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