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May 9, 2021

Ponta: The Hungarian minority of Romania does not need being used by Budapest

Premier Victor Ponta considers that the gestures made by Hungarian officials regarding the Szekler flag are “provocations” generated by an internal politics issue of the neighbour country and the Hungarian minority of Romania “does not need being used by Budapest.” Yesterday, when he was asked during a visit to UBB Cluj-Napoca if the strategic partnership with Hungary is compromised after the row over the Szekler flag, Ponta gave a negative answer. “No, I am absolutely convinced that the gestures made of late are provocations based on an internal policy issue of Hungary – Fidesz is preparing for elections. They rather lack economic and social arguments, so they use the story about Romania, Slovakia and Serbia, as usually. We must be smart and also firm: the laws and Constitution of Romania are always respected, the Hungarian minority of Hungary does not need being used by Budapest for the battle in Budapest,” the premier said, quoted by Mediafax. He reminded that, few years ago, the governments of Romania and Hungary could cooperate so their countries “go together towards Europe.” “So it is no problem, either between Romania and Hungary, or between the two peoples, it is a political problem of the Budapest government and our answer will be firm, but will avoid provocations,” Ponta stated. In retort, the leader of the Hungarian Civic Party (PCM) Covasna described the statements of the premier as “revolting” and said that the Hungarian government supports only the interests of the Hungarian community, and especially those of Szeklers. On the other hand, Laszlo Borbely (Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania), Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies Foreign Policy Commission, said that the hoisting of the “Szekler Land” flag is an issue artificially kept in public’s view by the mass-media, as the “flag has been hoisted for a couple of years and there has been no problem.”

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