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March 2, 2021

Blaga: I won’t kick Udrea out of the party

The PDL leader yesterday appealed for unity, holding that the Democrat-Liberals should carry on as a very strong team, and the party needs to get stabilized.

Vasile Blaga, president of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL),  yesterday rejected the rumors alleging he was going to expel presidential opponent Elena Udrea from the party, saying that nothing could be further from the truth than that  and the party needs each member, including  Udrea. “I have never had <such discussion> with anybody and I won’t have any, since we must do certain things right away, first and foremost, a very strong team, the entire PDL, secondly, to stabilize it, since local members need us very much (…) The party needs to get reconstructed,” Mediafax quoted Blaga as saying, who pointed out he invited Udrea to attend today’s Leadership Board session.The PDL leader specified he awaited a party Convention motion from the so-called “reformist” faction, although he said he was unaware whether MEP Monica Macovei will lead the motion. “Who’s to lead the motion? I don’t know, since I believe you can’t be party president while an MEP. If you eventually win such race, you must stay in Bucharest eventually, since the party cannot be run from afar,” said Blaga.MEP Monica Macovei told the media yesterday she would make an announcement during the weekend regarding her candidacy for PDL presidency.The Democrat-Liberal holds that MEP Cristian Preda’s publicly launched proposal for an interim Leadership Board to run the party until the end of 2014, made up of three co-presidents and seven vice-presidents, could be read as major changes in Statute before the National Convention, in an attempt to favour a runner in the internal race,’ which wouldn’t be exactly fair”.  He nonetheless mentioned that Preda would be invited to the Leadership Board session make his stand. “When you want to do nothing, you assign a task to two people, if you assign it to three, it’s sure thing it won’t get done,” the PDL president also said. Asked about another proposal to be discussed at the National Leadership Board meeting, namely of its members also including the party’s former presidents, Vasile Blaga had this to say: “I came with this proposal as early as a month ago, it appears absolutely fair to me, and I believe it’s a very good thing”.

Head of state, praised by the pro-Basescu faction in PDL

PDL must enter in the post-Basescu age, former development minister Elena Udrea told Realitatea TV. “Obviously, the president’s view counts in PDL. The battle is not between him (Basescu) and Blaga, but between me and Blaga. I learned politics from Traian Basescu. I’m glad I had this privilege. He is the best politician Romania had after ‘89. The things I proved able to do while in public office shows that I do politics standing on my own feet,” said Udrea, who was a guest on Wednesday’s “Power Games” program, where she said the party needs a leader able to take it out of lassitude, “a shock”. In her view, the battle in the coming years will be fought between leaders with an average age of 40. “I believe Victor Ponta is who I’ll fight against on the political  stage,” she said, and reiterated that the Social Liberal Union (USL) wants Vasile Blaga to be the PDL president, as the way the opposition looks now, the USL has an easy time making blunders since nobody could show the people what’s going on . “The PDL puts up a weak opposition. We are no longer attractive to voters or the press. The party as a whole is not interesting any longer, Udrea also said, who added that the Democrat-Liberals should show the USL were worse than the PDL.”Former premier Emil Boc yesterday said that the PDL presidential candidate Vasile Blaga’s track is not one to be encouraged. “While the PDL may have entered the post-Basescu age, it does not mean you must recant the former party presidents and have tense relationships”. In his turn, PDL Deputy Eugen Tomac said that the PDL has no future without a partnership with President Traian Basescu, adding that the president, too, should be invited at the PDL Congress next month. In a recent HotNews interview, MEP Traian Ungureanu said Traian Basescu is the only credible right-wing leader in this country, though he pointed out that the right nonetheless needs a leader for the post-Basescu period.

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