Vodafone – Microsoft partnership for cloud-based services

Vodafone Romania makes available to its business customers the platform of services Microsoft Office 365, informs a press release. In a first phase, the service is available in the portfolio of Vodafone Romania for the customers of the Corporate segment – companies with more than 50 employees – where Vodafone has a market share of 70 per cent.The Office 365 suite – services relying on the cloud technology – can be accessed from any device (PC, tablet computer or mobile phone) connected to the internet. The services, which include the Office package along with instant messaging, chat, audio-video conferencing and document editing – can be purchased as a monthly plan, at prices between 3.3-19 EUR/user (VAT exclusive). Cloud computing is a new technology that allows the storage of data (such as text files, photographs and videos) and software on remote computers, which the users can access over the internet, from various terminals. Vodafone and Microsoft already launched in partnership these online services in 15 countries covered by the British group, attracting 150,000 corporate customers so far. “(…) Romania thus becomes the 16th country where Vodafone launches Office 365, and Vodafone, the only mobile operator which has such a partnership with Microsoft,” said Benoit Valla, Senior Director, Corporate & Government Segment, Enterprise Business Unit, Vodafone Romania.

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