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August 10, 2022

Crin Antonescu reelected PNL President with overwhelming majority

“If I don’t win presidential elections in 2014 I will step down,” he announced. Antonescu’s team consists of one first vice president, one secretary general, 15 vice presidents with executive prerogatives and 16 other vice presidents.

The Liberals elected their party leadership on Saturday, a day after approving the statute with a crushing vote in favor of Crin Antonescu’s proposals. As expected, Crin Antonescu was reconfirmed party president, alongside his team consisting of 31 vice presidents and first vice president Klaus Johannis. The result was 1,343 votes in favor, 44 against and 50 abstentions, which means Antonescu was reconfirmed PNL President with 103 per cent. The leadership team proposed by Crin Antonescu consists of one first vice president, one secretary general, 15 vice presidents with executive prerogatives and 16 other vice presidents. In his speech, Antonescu said: “It’s the last time I’m taking part in a Congress, at least as PNL President.”PNL President Crin Antonescu stated after his reelection that he is nervous not so much out of gratitude for the confidence shown but because this is the last time he is taking part in a PNL Congress, at least as PNL President. “I am, even this time, nervous, not only out of gratitude for the confidence shown, but especially at the thought that this is the last time I am taking part in one of our party’s Congress, at least as PNL President,” Antonescu stated, being applauded by the delegated. He thanked the delegates not only for this vote, not for this new mandate, but also for everything they shared and gave to him in the last 23 years. “We have a programme, we have a leadership, we have a strategy. I believe almost all things that had to be said and that could be said were said, almost all things have to be done. I hope starting tomorrow we will set out with more confidence, strength, in order to do them,” Antonescu said.

He pointed out that he has no doubt PNL, with everything that this party’s accumulation of experience in these years means will manage not so much to register an electoral score but will manage to make Romania a better place for the aspirations and values of Romanians’ children. “I want this for me, for you, for all of us, for all Romania. So help us God! We will be where we want to be, where it’s our right to be if we have the strength to believe, to fight, to always respect our history, traditions, values,” Antonescu concluded. Asked what he meant when he stated this is the last PNL Congress he takes part in as PNL President, Antonescu pointed out: “There is no limit to the number of terms, but I had in mind the fact that from now until the next Congress, the one in 2016, there will be the presidential elections of 2014, and if I win them I will become Romania’s President, so I won’t be able to be a PNL member let alone PNL President.” “If I don’t win I will step down from the helm of PNL and so this would be the last PNL Congress I took part in as party president,” Antonescu added. Referring to his relations with Ludovic Orban and Calin Popescu Tariceanu, Antonescu stated that they remain the same, being relations “as between colleagues,” based on “mutual appreciation.”

Johannis: We have to win Romanian Presidency with candidate Antonescu

PNL First Vice President Klaus Johannis stated on Saturday at the PNL Congress that PNL’s position as Romania’s right-wing party has to be consolidated and it is necessary for the Romanian Presidency to be won by “candidate Crin Antonescu.”

PNL Congress resolution: Lower Chamber – 300 members at most, Senate – representing regions

According to a resolution adopted on Saturday by the PNL Congress, PNL will promote during the process of amending the Constitution the re-affirmation of the national character of the Romanian state and of the Romanian language as official language and the administrative reorganization of the state. According to the resolution voted by the delegates at the PNL Congress, the state’s administrative reorganization will consist of setting up territorial-administrative units on the basis of the subsidiarity principle. The Liberals will also seek to consolidate the democratic character of the state by restoring Parliament’s position as the nation’s main debate and decision body, through the express introduction of the principle of Parliamentary control over all public activities in the executive domain. The aforementioned document points out as a goal limiting the use of emergency ordinances and of the government’s procedure of assuming responsibility. According to the resolution, the Liberals will approve the modification of the Constitution so that Parliament will be organized on the basis of the bicameralism principle, with different prerogatives for the two Chambers, so that the Lower Chamber will have 300 members at most and the Senate will be the Chamber for the representation of regions. During the first day of the congress, on Friday, the congress approved the new statute of the party. Proposals coming from the so-called ‘dissident members’ such as former premier Calin Popescu Tariceanu and Ludovic Orban, for a uninominal vote for electing the new PNL leadership were rejected.


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