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May 17, 2022

There are no undercover officers in the Parliament, SRI head says

George Maior added that Omar Hayssam is still detained in Syria and if all institutions would have the reform and human quality of SRI, the country would fare better. Maior also claims that there are power centres that want to use the SRI in the presidential battle of 2014.

The director of the SRI, George Maior made some statements, Friday, on Digi 24 TV, saying that there are no undercover officers in the Parliament – and there is the possibility to control this. Asked about the existence of undercover journalists, he answered that the service acts according to the strictest democratic standards. “There are none (undercover officers in the Parliament), and there is the possibility to control it. I was asked by a member of the Parliament’s Committee for the Control of the SRI how we can know this. If he sends me a letter and asks me within the formal framework of the committee and I say no, this answer also has a clear legal value,” Maior stated.Asked if this means that PSD deputy Sebastian Ghita is not an undercover SRI Officer, Maior answered: “I said what I had to say, I believe that pure Aristotelian logic says it.”As for Omar Hayssam, who is still detained in a Syrian prison since 2008, for crimes against the safety of the state, the SRI Director informed that he is still detained in Syria. Maior added that the extradition accord will be applied regardless of the evolutions in Damascus, but could not indicate a date when he will be brought to Romania, given the events.“He is still in prison. Let’s see what happens, it is good that this accord was signed which will continue, we are pursuing this objective, he is a person condemned for terrorism in Romania, this is known fact. It is in the interest of the service and of the country to bring him back, so he can serve his sentence here,” Maior said on Digi24.The SRI Director added that the extradition accord with Syria will continue “regardless of the evolutions of that regime.” Maior also mentioned Friday that the people of the service are not influenced by the political changes and have a purely professional agenda, and he appreciated that if all the institutions had similar reforms and human quality as the SRI, “the country would fare much better.”Asked if there is a restless state of mind within the SRI after elections, as it is an institution where people want to hold a higher position, and a political change can help them, Maior answered: “To my satisfaction, the effect of reform, of the transformation of the SRI during the last seven years generated a purely professional agenda inside the services, people were not very impressed by the elections, they minded their own business, they know that they can be promoted if they are good, but if they are inefficient they will stagnate or even leave the system.” Speaking about the accusations made by businessman Ioan Niculae, Maior said that the Securitate which he worked with “has destroyed a state” and the former representatives of the Securitate want to demonstrate that SRI makes political police, while they did this themselves.“It would have been better for Mr. Niculae to stay silent. I will answer him this way: the Securitate which he worked with destroyed a state, wiped it from the political, strategic map of the civilised world and it did not understand through this the world that state acted and lived within, unfortunately. As an old exponent of this organism, I don’t think he understands very well the world of the 21st Century,” Maior said Friday on Digi24.He added that Ioan Niculae worked with the Economic Department of the Securitate, which defended “a command system in economy that proved bankrupt also in terms of the market logic.”Businessman Ioan Niculae claimed that his phone is under surveillance since 1997, while PNL senator Sorin Rosca Stanescu said that the laws of security should be modified in order to unveil the undercover officers.In an interview with ‘Romania libera,’ the SRI head said that “there are power centres that want to use the SRI in the presidential battle of 2014.” Maior also referred to politicians being counselled by former officers or chiefs of intelligence services: “I am upset about a series of retirees that use information, which is illegal, which they acquired during the career of intelligence officers, for economic or political agendas, or who try to contact active officers in order to acquire fresh information which they can use, blaming it either on the Service, or in various entourages they activate within. This is against the ethics of intelligence officers and I despise them for what they do.”The chief of the SRI mentioned nobody, but the names revealed by media these days are Virgil Magureanu (former SRI chief alleged to be the advisor of Crin Antonescu), Constantin Rotaru (former deputy director of SIE, former chief of GRIVCO International, allegedly to be the advisor of Crin Antonescu) and Catalin Harnagea (former director of SIE, advisor of PNL Senator Sorin Rosca Stanescu).

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