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June 26, 2022

US Embassy, disappointed with the protest at the Romanian Peasant’s Museum

The former US ambassador in Bucharest, Mark Gitenstein recommends the new Secretary of State John Kerry to have in mind the support for the rule of law and anticorruption initiatives in Romania.

The US Embassy in Bucharest is disappointed with the protest staged Wednesday evening at the Romanian Peasant’s Museum, and prevented the projection of a film provided by the Embassy to celebrate the month of the history of the community of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals (LGBT).According to a press release of the US Embassy in Bucharest, the NGO Accept and the Romanian Peasant’s Museum had an accord for the projection of this film, which won many international prizes in the cinema hall of the museum.“We are worried especially by the fact that the protest seemed to have been organised or at least tolerated by an employee of the museum, deputy manager Mihai Gheorghiu, because he accompanied the protesters and did not discourage their actions,” mentions the source.The protesters created a very intimidating atmosphere for the persons that came to watch the film and their intolerant discourse created and atmosphere which could have led to violent clashes. Although the presence of law enforcement institutions reassured us, unfortunately they did not succeed having a more active role, which would have made possible continuing the projection of the film, according to the programme.Intolerance and hatred are inacceptable and should not be ignored, especially in a public institution, open to all citizens. As president Obama said, “we understand that the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals are equivalent to human rights.”

Gitenstein to Kerry: without the US and EU support, it is not sure Romania would continue the judicial reforms

The former US ambassador in Bucharest, Mark Gitenstein recommends the new Secretary of State John Kerry to have in mind the support of the rule of law and anticorruption initiatives in Romania, saying that without the support of USA and EU it is not at all sure that reforms with this regard will continue, Mediafax informs.No less important than the strategic and military priorities is continuing the support granted for those in Romania who support the rule of law and anticorruption initiatives, Gitenstein mentions in a post on a blog of American ambassadors, where various American diplomats make recommendations for the new secretary of state in Washington regarding the relations between USA and various states.Gitenstein also mentions that, beyond the fact that the latest reports of the European Commission and of the Venice Commission criticised the evolutions of 2012, the real lesson after the crisis of last year is that the reforms regarding the activity of courts, prosecutors and police started to function.He adds that Romanians are enthusiast pro-Americans and that, beyond the problems of last summer and the firm position adopted by the US Embassy in favour of the rule of law, the polls made by the American embassy in Bucharest clearly demonstrated that the image of America was strengthened by this effort of defending the rule of law, same as the image of Germany and EU, which adopted similar positions.Gitenstein advises Kerry to have in mind as priority the wish of Romanians to strengthen this partnership and take into account the fact that it would be a very important move from him to participate, he or another high US official, to the inauguration of works at Deveselu this spring, or pay a visit to Romania soon after that moment.

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