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June 29, 2022

Lugera – The People Republic announce Lugera Government –the first “private” government in Romania

We all know that in Romania the highly valuable youngsters, with good ideas and with  entrepreneurial spirit don’t have a lot of opportunities and that’s why we decided to promote them and to give them a chance to show their qualities.


Lugera launches Lugera Government, the first private government for extraordinary youngsters that want to come into contact with the business environment, with the board of an

International company and giving them the chance to grow up beside professionals.


“In Lugera Government we have 7 portofolios: Sales, Recruitment, Temporary Staffing, Marketing and PR, New Business, Travel (because we have Lugera Travel too) and Hospitality (because we have Lugera Café too), a minister for each department/business line in  Lugera Romania.”


Practically, Lugera Government will work within our company for 12 months. During this period of time, our ministers will work closely with Lugera top management, will

have the opportunity to learn business, will participate in the decision making process, their ideas and projects will be evaluated and the best of them will be transformed into business plans and implemented with full support from Lugera.

It’s important to know that we are not talking about a full time job, but, once a month there will be meetings with our managers.

The young talents, that want to be a part of one of the ministers above, are waited (at the email minister@lugera.ro) with a CV and a cover letter where they must indicate 3 reasons  they believe to be able to lead the target minister. We will be  waiting for your applications during 10 days (actually untill 6 th of march at 23.59)


“ On the 8 th of march we will announce the eligible candidates after having received the CVs and the cover letters. The elected ones will start an election campaign. Practically, on our blog (http://www.lugerarepublic.ro/blog/ ) and on our Facebook page you will find a short introduction of each candidate still running for a minister. You will find there too the department of vote where you can vote for your favourite candidate. How a candidate will attract votes and support?It depends only on him: on Facebook, on his blog, using ads in newspapers, posters on the columns of the streets or on the doors, using a speaking-tube in the street intersection, etc. The most important thing is to arrive at the urns (http://www.lugerarepublic.ro/blog/) and to vote! The election campaign will start the 11 th of march at 00.00 and it will last exactely 14 days.” added Cristina Savuica.

The most voted candidates will enter into a public debate after the elections. At this level they will tell to our consultants how good they are and what projects they have for the future. The next level is represented by an Assessment Center. On this one we will invite our candidates to take part to an assessment center held by the leader of the next Government in person: Cristina Savuica – Managing Partner Lugera and  Country Manager Lugera Romania.

The activities we are proposing here will simulate a part of the challenges that the next government will have: strategy, role playing, debates on a settled subject etc. This one will be the last level of the selection and we will be able to officialy announce the componence of Lugera Government.

The entire evolution of the ministers in the government, their  projects and the way their ideas are implemented will be posted on line, on our blog Lugera and on our Facebook page of the campaign during the 12 months of mandate!

The investment ceremony of the ministers  will be a solemn one with the Lugera Republic heraldry, with the oath and the taking of the portofolios, event where we kindly expect you!


“ In addition to the experience they will accumulate during the 12 months, Lugera will offer prizes. The end of each month, the most efficient minister goes a weekend in a mountain resort and the end of the 12 month the best minister of the entire mandate goes a weekend to Viena. You have to know too that at the end of the government year we want the best ministers to remain with us, as our colleagues in Lugera or to be reccomended to the most important companies in Romania.” added Cristina Savuiva – the next prime minister lady of Lugera Government.


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