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February 26, 2021

ANI inspectors’ salaries, increased through OUG

The Chamber of Deputies adopted yesterday with 219 votes to 50 and 13 abstentions, the Emergency Ordinance 5/2013 which provides the increase of the wages paid to the employees of the National Integrity Agency (ANI), with the highest salary paid to an ANI inspector reaching RON 8,285.According to the representative of the Ministry of Justice, the institution that initiated this ordinance, the salaries of ANI inspectors will increase as follows: the salary of a debutant inspector from RON 1,924 to RON 3,902; an assistant inspector from RON 2,976 to RON 6,825; a principal inspector from RON 4,375 to RON 7,555 lei; a superior inspector from RON 5,601 to RON 8,285 lei.

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