Nutu Camataru’s lions and bears, to be taken to the zoo

The Environmental Authority and Vier Pfoten officials went to Ion Balint’s aka Nutu Camataru, house yesterday morning to pick up the four lions and two bears on his property and take them to the Bucov Zoological Garden near Ploiesti. Upon entering Ion Balint’s house, Kuki Barbuceanu of Vier Pfoten said the animals will be tranquilized and taken to the Bucov Zoological Garden, where they will adjust well given conditions are better than those on Nutu’s property. He said that the animals are slightly underdeveloped despite being in good health condition.Asked about the lions’ potential transfer and adaptation to South Africa, Kuki Barbuceanu had this to say: “you get used to the good life fast”. Several vehicles entered Nutu Camataru’s life, among which a truck to carry the animals in. Vier Pfoten officials will check the animals, tranquilize them and will oversee their being transported to the Bucov Zoo.

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