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March 3, 2021

President Basescu announces he will remain active in politics after ending mandate

President Traian Basescu said yesterday in Vienna, during a meeting with Romanians living in Austria, that he cannot be a retiree after he ends his mandate at the Cotroceni Palace and he will remain active in politics, although it is still unclear to him how he will do it.“I admit, in the past I said that after I end my mandate I will no longer be interested, I want to be a free man and I want to know nothing of politics. Well, I think it was like <<I will resign in five minutes>>. I had three days when I did nothing and I could not find my place and I wondered what I would do if I have nothing to do. So, I think I will remain active in politics, in the public life, it is unclear how, because I have several variants, but I will certainly remain. (…) Anyway, I reached the conclusion that I cannot be a retiree,” Basescu said.

He added that, after he concludes his mandate and hands over the key of the strongboxes with documents at Cotroceni, he will go with his wife on vacation for 2-3 weeks, when he must be sure that nobody will call him on the phone.“You know that a president of Romania, if you read the Constitution, has no vacation. Thus, whatever you do, you go for 2-3 days, you must keep all communication systems in alert and security systems at hand and the possibility to always sign a decree, a paper, approve a document a.s.o. So, I would like three weeks during which I would know that I have no obligation towards the state, and then we will see what I will do,” Basescu added. President Traian Basescu said on February 14, at B1Tv, that he will not return to PDL in 2014, at the end of his mandate. He added, laughing: “But I also said that I would resign in 5 minutes.” President Basescu said in 2012 that he does not want to return to politics after he ends his mandate.PDL head Vasile Blaga said yesterday, for Realitatea TV, that Traian Basescu would be welcome within the party if he decides to rejoin it in 2014.


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