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December 6, 2021

Blaga submits candidacy for PDL presidency

Counter- candidate Elena Udrea spoke about the support for her and Monica Macovei’s motions in a second round. Ex-PM Emil Boc believes Elena Udrea’s objective of PDL back into power in 2016 is achievable.

On Thursday, PDL President Vasile Blaga submitted to the internal election commission his motion ‘Righteous Romania. PDL politics without slogans’, for his candidacy for a new term as president of PDL at the March 23 Convention. He sent out a message calling to unity and insisted on PDL being a strong party, ‘counting on strong structures and organisations, as well as on every single member.’ Blaga came together with several supporters, including Raluca Turcan, Gheorghe Flutur, Cristian Boureanu, Andreea Paul, Cristian Radulescu, Radu F. Alexandru and Constantin Ostaficiuc. Blaga’s motion contains over 100 signatures, the minimum required being 35. The president of the election commission, Ioan Balan, said the necessary conditions for registering Vasile Blaga’s candidacy for president of PLD were fulfilled. A day before, the other candidate for president of the party, Elena Udrea, had said that, in her opinion, a very good candidate for president of Romania was in the hall where she organised a press conference, referring to Emil Boc who was sitting right next to her. Asked whether Mihai Razvan Ungureanu would make a good candidate for president of the country, Udrea answered that the new PDL leaders would need to identify the most credible candidate to represent the Right. ‘There are many presidential candidates possible for PDL and I think the future leadership of PDL will have to identify the best and most credible candidate of the Right for the Presidency of Romania. In my opinion, a very fine presidential candidate is right here,’ Udrea said. At the same press conference, Elena Udrea also said she deemed possible a support for her and Monica Macovei’s motions that have ‘common points’, in a possible runoff lection. Subsequently asked what she will do if she does not win the top position within PDL, she stated that she will remain a simple party member. “I will win the elections,” Elena Udrea stated. Also on Wednesday, former PDL President Emil Boc stated at the launch of Elena Udrea’s bid for the party’s leadership that her goal to bring PDL back in government in 2016 is doable, adding that he knows “the tenacity she has.” Emil Boc stated in Cluj-Napoca, at the launch of the “The new PDL, a new Romania” motion belonging to candidate Elena Udrea, that “PDL’s fate is part of what the country’s fate and the future government means.” “I said on Wednesday, explicitly, that I support Elena Udrea for the leadership of PDL and I want to offer several arguments to back this option. Elena Udrea’s main goal, namely PDL’s return to government in 2016, as the main governing party, is doable. I know her, I know what she’s capable of, I know the tenacity she has, I know her organizational capacity to mobilize people,” Boc said. He stated that PDL needs “a change of rhythm” and should engage in “ironclad opposition against USL,” not “velvet opposition.” “USL governs without opposition and this is damaging for democracy in Romania and for PDL, because it’s better not to engage in opposition at all than to engage in velvet opposition, it doesn’t win votes,” Emil Boc stated. He underlined that Elena Udrea always defended the Boc Government’s measures and that is why he appreciated her. “That is why I appreciated and continue to appreciate her. She had the force and strength to defend some things that were economically right for the country. We need at the helm of the party a person that would keep the electorate, the President, close to PDL and would win back the electorate lost. With another candidate the chances of keeping this PDL electorate that we have in partnership with the President are zero,” Boc pointed out.

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