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March 1, 2021

Johannis, ready to step into Antonescu’s shoes

PNL leader Crin Antonescu believes Johannis will be able to act as interim head of PNL if he goes to Cotroceni.

PNL President Crin Antonescu said on Thursday that, after the presidential election in 2014, the Mayor of Sibiu and PNL Vice President Klaus Johannis would be able to offer a guarantee that ‘a premature political war of succession’ would not break forth, by acting as interim president of PNL. Antonescu was asked on Realitatea TV if Klaus Johannis’ vice president position would not bother Relu Fenechiu, Rares Manescu, Daniel Chitoiu or Radu Stroe, who, after the party president became president of the country, might seek that position themselves. ‘All these are people who have understood that the party first needs to win before you can distribute anything: positions, offices, power, you name it. All these people could have easily continued to support Mr. Tariceanu – for Relu Fenechiu especially, but also Rares Manescu were in quite important positions while PNL was led by Mr. Tariceanu – working on their, let’s call them hierarchies next to him. But they preferred the option with an outsider at the time – myself – trusting that would bring the party the biggest gain,’ Antonescu said.


Some Liberals are showing signs of discontentment with the Ponta Government they say ‘either cannot or would not communicate’. ‘Jurnalul national’ daily states PNL Bihor Senators Valeriu Boeriu and Cristian Bodea have criticised the Ponta Government for making the same mistake the previous PDL Governments had made, working in a ‘dictatorial’ way and not disclosing to USL MPs information on major projects they intend to implement. They also said they made an interpellation to Deputy Prime Minister Liviu Dragnea, in his capacity as Minister of Regional Development and Public Administration, asking him to travel to Oradea and explain to them ‘what’s with this regionalisation’. ‘It was we who appointed the Ponta Government, it is we who will have to vote for the regionalisation and therefore I don’t find it normal that we should get the details of the projects on from the TV and press. Let him (Dragnea – a/n) come and explain to us what’s with this regionalisation!’ Senator Cristian Bodea said. Senator Valeriu Boeriu in turn said the regionalisation was a major change. ‘This is why we, the members of Parliament who will be called to vote for it, need to know the details of what the Government wants to do about it. It means the Government should communicate with us, ask for our opinion. Unfortunately, this is not happening,’ Boeriu further said. The two MPs believe that, given the ‘faulty’ manner in which it manages relations even with its own USL MPs, the Ponta Government ‘either cannot or would not communicate’.MP Alina Gorghiu also denounced the fact that only Prime Minister Victor Ponta was promoted on the Government’s Fecebook page.

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