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May 12, 2021

President Basescu: Hatchet “apparently” buried with PM Ponta

In an interview granted to ‘The Kurier’, an Austrian daily newspaper based in Vienna, President Traian Basescu speaks about his cohabitation with Premier Victor Ponta. Asked whether political collaboration is possible “in a country where the president and the prime minister are in adverse interrelations,” the president had this to say: “We don’t have to share the same doctrine, yet, both sides must respect the Constitution. As long as we do that, which is the case now, we have a constitutional relationship that contributes to the good functionality of the state. Last year’s lessons have nonetheless been required for us to learn this reality,” Basescu answered diplomatically. The interviewer insisting on reading the meaning of diplomatic: “Does this mean the hatchet has been buried?” she asked, to which, the president, punctuating his answer with his trademark laugh, said: “At least apparently so. It’s true. Collaboration is possible again”.Asked whether progress has been made in the fight against corruption, Basescu answered that progress is visible, and exemplified with two former ministers and an ex-prime minister being behind bars as of now.  He gave assurances that the EU definitively recognizes the progress made by Romania and the criticism from Brussels “is addressed to Parliament first and foremost who wants to extend the immunity of its members or of ministers”. “Our judges and prosecutors have understood all too well what their constitutional duty is. It is the politicians however who have not understood it entirely, and this is the critical point formulated by the Commission,” Basescu said in ‘The Kurier’ interview.

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