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June 27, 2022

Schengen accession is Romania’s major goal, says President Traian Basescu

In a televised statement from the Presidential Palace , President Traian Basescu expressed his principled position, namely that Bucharest’s goal is for the EU border to move on Romania’s eastern border.

Romania’s major goal is Schengen accession,” Basescu said. “It means you are politically included and we can’t play with this,” he said. The Schengen accession goal remains a fundamental goal for Romania and, from this point of view, no sacrifice is too big, including sacrificing corruption, the President added. In his opinion, it is politically more important to be part of the Schengen Area than to be part of the Euro Area. The Schengen goal has priority, Romania has to have it as a major goal. The President noted that “we live in parallel worlds,” referring to the reactions of some politicians, ironically pointing out PM Victor Ponta’s higher flexibility shown on this issue yesterday. Traian Basescu claims that the Schengen accession and adopting the Euro are Romania’s obligations under the EU accession treaty. Referring to the German Internal Affairs Minister’s statement, the President stated that he is a supporter of Romania. “There is an attempt to present the idea that Germany fears the invasion of Romanians, immigration. The minister says that Romania’s and Bulgaria’s problem has to do with corruption,” Basescu stated, an idea reflected in the CVM report. According to the President, the technical preparations had cost Romania EUR 469 M in funds from the EU and EUR 88 M in funds from the Romanian budget, expenditures non-eligible from Schengen funds. There are at least seven states that would have voted against Romania’s accession to the Schengen space. ‘Seven or them I know.’ Basescu also said the EU’s spirit is to hold negotiations and not by shouting or raising voices. He underlined Schengen is essential because it is part of the integration process. “My point of view is we need to get another deadline at JHA Council, September of December. If not, we have to take the issue to the European Council again,” Basescu said, adding that our objective should be to stress the positive steps registered lately and to assume political corrections are needed.

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