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February 25, 2021

GeoPOL: Regionalization, not palatable for Romanians

A GeoPOL poll conducted on February 18-25 and quoted by realitatea.net reveals that Romanians do not look with optimism towards the project to regionalize Romania. According to the poll, 64 per cent of Romanians heard about the project of regionalizing Romania, while 34.2 per cent did not. Of those familiar with the regionalization idea, 67.4 per cent do not agree with the counties being eliminated, 24.2 per cent agree, while 8.4 per cent do not know or do not want to answer. Most Romanians (53 per cent) consider that regionalization will lead to the disappearance of very powerful local political leaders, only 25.1 per cent of the respondents not agreeing with this thesis. Moreover, 79.7 per cent of Romanians disagree with the creation of regions that would contain an ethnic Hungarian majority, only 14.4 per cent agreeing with this possibility. On the other hand, 43.9 per cent of Romanians consider that regionalization will lead to more red tape and higher public expenditures. At the opposite end, 20 per cent believe that it will lead to a drop in red tape and lower public expenditures, while another 20 per cent believe that nothing will change. 62.7 per cent of Romanians want the leaders of the administrative regions elected by the population, 11.3 per cent consider they should be elected by the representatives of local authorities and 8.3 per cent would want them to be appointed by the government. PSD is perceived as the party most interested in regionalization (27.6 per cent), followed by UDMR (23.3 per cent), PDL (9.4 per cent) and PNL (6.3 per cent). The poll was conducted on 1,090 persons and is representatives for the Romanian population aged 18+. The results have a margin of error of +/- 3 per cent and a degree of confidence of 95 per cent.

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