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April 13, 2021

R. of Moldova: Filat Cabinet unseated in no-confidence vote

The Moldovan Government headed by PM Vlad Filat was dismissed by no-confidence vote in Parliament on Tuesday, PRO TV Chisinau reports. The motion introduced by the Communists’ Party of R. Moldova was voted by 54 MPs. According to Info-Prim Neo, PM Vlad Filat has three days to present the resignation of the Cabinet. The Democrats and Communists appreciated that such a Government could not continue and, in PDM’s opinion, the no-confidence vote was first and foremost meant for PM Vlad Filat and not so much for his ministers. The same source notes the Liberal Party skipped the vote. Moldova’s President Nicolae Timofti is set to have talks with the political groups in Parliament and identify a new candidate for prime minister. After two failed attempts to install a new Cabinet, the president dissolves the Parliament and sets the date for early election, Info-Prim Neo also notes. Tension among parties making up the so far ruling pro-European alliance escalated last month, ProTV Chisinau says, after Democratic Party leader Marian Lupu, also the Speaker of Parliament, had urged the resignation of Premier Filat, with the argument that the Government was facing a grievous credibility crisis. Lupu blamed on Filat the crisis the Alliance for European Integration (AIE) was in and threatened that his party group in Parliament would introduce a no-confidence vote.


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