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December 8, 2022

Romanians, unhappiest employees in Europe

They work a lot, for small salaries. Moreover, Romanian employees are the victims of abusive and avaricious employees and Romania is last in the table of states with decent workplace conditions. The data appears in a survey authored last year by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, capital.ro informs. No fewer than 35 per cent of Romanians work on Saturdays and 28 per cent work on Sundays too, the survey shows. Romanians work on average 2,095 hours per year, 425 hours more than the Finns and 416 hours more than the French. Last year the Labour Inspection issued 1,300 fines for failure to respect the regulations covering extra hours, working on holidays and the weekly rest. The number of Romanian employees spending their Saturdays at work has dropped from 45 per cent, the level registered 10 years ago, to 34.6 per cent. Based on the National Statistics Institute (INS) data compiled by the ‘Capital’ magazine, 72.5 per cent of the Romanian employees work in sectors in which the average income is inferior to the national net average salary. Four out of ten Romanians earn less than 60 per cent of the average salary and the worst-paid employees are precisely those that work the most, usually in shifts and during the weekends. The unhappiest employees in Romania are those working in the auto industry, teachers, those working in the metallurgical industry, telecom industry, security agents, retail sector employees but also those that work in the production of electrical equipment and the distribution of electricity.

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