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April 10, 2021

MP and former MP under investigation for conflict of interests

MP Ghervazen Longher and ex-MP Mihai Radan are under investigation for conflict of interests, accused of having illegally hired members of family at the Chamber of Deputies and MPs’ office respectively. The High Court prosecutors have started criminal investigations against  Ghervazen Longher, member of the Chamber of Deputies representing the Union of Poles in Romania  ‘Dom Polski’, because – prosecutors say – on December 30, 2004, at his proposal, the Chamber of Deputies hired his brother under individual employment agreement with a definite term, sanctioned by the MP himself. The work contract was then extended. Mihai Radan is accused that, between October 17 2006 and December 15, 2008, in his capacity as a MP, he proposed and approved the hiring of his son and daughter-in-law at his own MPs’ office. During the same period, Radar also signed a civil agreement with his wife for the provision of services remunerated by the Chamber of Deputies, the source says.

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